Jan 21 2015

Architectural Trim Work

Architectural trim work added to your home can add beauty, a sense of warmth and value, but only if done correctly.   Today, I’d like to share with you two simple tips to help you to avoid some common mistakes.

First, make certain that the “neck” of the pilaster aligns with the architrave above.  When doing so, the capital—or top piece—of the pilaster will overhang. This allows the pilaster to visually support the architrave.  See Paneled Pilaster (Alterations and Additions project in Hunterdon County, NJ.) in photo at right.

Second, pilasters are often “fluted”.  A fluted pilaster is that which has carved vertical channels or grooves.   Fluted pilasters should always be custom routed so that the flutes terminate prior to reaching the top or bottom of the pilaster.   See fluted pilaster (Historic Renovation project in NJ) in photo at right.

As a New Jersey Architect located in Hunterdon County, I provide my clients with highly detailed drawings to make certain that the work is done correctly and will, in turn, result in a home about which they can be proud. 

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