Sep 27 2013

Home Offices

Home Offices

The ideal home office is located in a place that allows tele-commuters or small business owners to work without distraction.  Insulated walls of the home office will minimize sounds such as ringing phones from disturbing the family and allow for confidential conversations to remain as such.   A place for keeping sensitive information and other documents neatly and securely filed is also an important consideration.

The home office should also incorporate natural light, ventilation and views to the exterior.  Productivity and happiness can be greatly improved by including these simple amenities.  

In this Hunterdon County home office, we also built in flexibility.  The work-island, designed for reviewing large maps, is built with casters that allow the center island to be easily rolled out of the way to make room for a convertible sofa-bed and the occasional guest.  The overhead lamp is adjustable. 

Incorporating these things will provide for a pleasant at-home work environment.

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Hunterdon County NJ Home Office architectural design
Hunterdon County NJ Home office architect design

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