Historic Renovations

Building Renovation and Historic Preservation in NJ and other areas

Susan M. Rochelle, A.I.A., Architect is devoted to Historic Preservation and has worked on several landmark structures in New Jersey and other areas. Susan has renovated, restored and preserved many homes throughout the region. Landmark projects include alterations and additions to St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Alexandria Township, The Surgeons Quarters at Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook, Alterations to Clinton Presbyterian Church, and Alterations and Additions to 47 Leigh St. in Clinton, NJ.

Historic Church Altar

The historic Clinton Presbyterian Church altar renovations required the removal of several layers of "added history" before we could re-build and enlarge it in a way that would respect the original architecture of the church and allow for church services and enough room for the sizable choir and occasional musical community outreach performances. 


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