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Interior Design in NJ, PA and Other States

Interior Design is an integral part of the Architectural services provided by Susan Rochelle, A.I.A. Because she studied interior design as an undergraduate, Susan Rochelle Architect designs her buildings to work for their occupants. Susan's schematic architectural plans include furniture layouts to assure clients that the rooms provided will function for their intended purpose. Window and door placement are carefully considered to take advantage of views, light, air and furniture placement. Kitchens are designed by Susan Rochelle with the cook and family in mind.

Kitchen Renovation

This client in Pittstown, NJ asked me if hiring an architect to redesign a kitchen is like using a sledge hammer to install a picture hook.  I assured her that, like all of our projects, we would examine their kitchen with fresh eyes and determine how the available space can be put to the best use.  Rather than simply suggesting new updated cabinetry, the schematic design showed the new kitchen in a new location in the same area of the home.  Pull out cutting boards, built-in wine storage, and hidden cabinets utilize every inch.  The wall that used to separate the kitchen from the family ro


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