Dec 01 2020
Architect NJ historic stone addition, Architect Somerset County, historic stone addition nj architect, historic architecture NJ Hunterdon County, historic architecture NJ Hunterdon County, Dining Room Addition NJ architect hunterdonAlterations and Additions to Historic Stone House, Washington Township, NJ   This English Country Style home was in need of repair and, while the proportions of the home were beautiful, the interior spaces were small and dark.   The addition is in keeping with the architectural nature of the original home, provides much needed space and allows for plenty of natural daylight along with views towards both the front and rear yards.  A balcony on the upper level extends the living space outdoors.
Jul 06 2020
Architect New Jersey, Architect Somerset County, Alterations and Additions NJ, New Kitchen NJ, Kitchen Architect NJ, Alterations and Additions NJ, Curving Stair Architect NJ, Covered Porch Architect NJ  This home was originally built as a contemporary home in the beautiful rolling hills of Somerset County, where bridle paths cross country roads and is ideally located for our horse loving clients.   In stark contrast to the beautiful setting, the home was in need of substantial work.  Our clients asked us to design renovations that would increase the living space, improve the interior flow, and have the understated elegance of a rural manor house in the French countryside.  
Jan 24 2017
historic stone house; njarchitect; renovations nj, renovations nj; historic stone house; njarchitectOur client, an art-lover who has a preference for vibrant color, hired us to maximize the amount of living space she could achieve while not increasing the footprint of
Nov 15 2016
covered porch stone terrace architect nj hunterdon county, stone terrace hunterdon county nj architect, Hunterdon County, NJ Architect covered porchCovered Porch and Stone Terrace With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is the perfect time to plan projects that will expand your living and entertaining spaces.  An outdoor terrace or deck can easily provide three season entertaining room for your family and guests; a covered porch will expand your living space, no matter the weather.  
Sep 01 2016
#NJarchitect  #mastersuite  #hunterdoncountyrenovation #coveredporch #curbappeal #hunterdoncountyarchitect #alterationsandadditionsnj, #NJarchitect  #mastersuite  #hunterdoncountyrenovation #coveredporch #curbappeal #hunterdoncountyarchitect #alterationsandadditionsnjSometimes, your neighborhood is just right and, if it not for the fact that your home is too small, you’d never dream of moving away from the people you’ve grown to love.  The right architect can help you to stay where you are and make your home everything you want it to be, while staying within budget.
Aug 04 2016
#njarchitect, #hunterdoncountyarchitect, #alterationsandadditionsnj, #bestarchitectnj, #njarchitect, #hunterdoncountyarchitect, #alterationsandadditionsnj, #bestarchitectnj, #njarchitect, #hunterdoncountyarchitect, #alterationsandadditionsnj, #bestarchitectnj, #njarchitect, #hunterdoncountyarchitect, #alterationsandadditionsnj, #pottingshed #bestarchitectnjAs part of a larger home renovation project in Annandale, Hunterdon County, N.J., the architectural plans included a Potting Shed, built into the hillside. This "bank" building allows for storage below the garden shed, while keeping the building footprint small.  Large enough for storing lawn mowers, wheel barrows, leaf blowers and the like below, the potting shed above was designed with good proportion relative to the house and site.  Its small appearance is charming.  A terrace and pergola connect the potting shed to the house and provide a perfect spot from which to enjoy the view.
Jun 02 2015
Hunterdon County Architect #njarchitect, #njarchitect #hunterdoncountyarchitect, #newfamilyroom #njarchitect #architecthunterdoncounty #convertedporch, #newkitchen #njarchitect #architecthunterdoncounty Have an underutilized screened porch?  Why not put it to better use, like our clients in Hunterdon County, N.J. did?  While the porch was of adequate size, the low ceiling made it feel smaller and dark.  The roof drained poorly and resulted in rotted siding and soffits.   The adjacent kitchen was dated and a bit small for family gatherings, which, for these empty-nesters, include their children’s growing families. (Please see “Before” photos at right.) The solution?  A new Family Room, which sits on the footprint of the former screened porch, is open to the new Kitchen.  The redesigned roof allows for proper drainage and a cathedral ceiling, which provides a feeling of spaciousness and plenty of natural daylight and ventilation. The new Kitchen utilizes every inch of the available space, resulting in areas for food prop, cooking, casual dining, paperwork and plenty of storage.  The light colored cabinetry adds to the sense of spaciousness.  (Please see “After” photos at right.) #NJarchitect  #kitchens  #hunterdoncountyrenovation #screenedporch #familyroom
Feb 10 2015
Architect NJ Hunterdon Architectural drawings retain their value long after the construction work is done. Designing renovations requires scaled drawings of the existing structure, including interior floor plans and exterior elevations. The renderings help your architect execute a design that keeps with the home's style and is in good proportion with the existing building.
Jan 21 2015
Hunterdon County Architect NJ, Hunterdon County, NJ ArchitectArchitectural trim work added to your home can add beauty, a sense of warmth and value, but only if done correctly.   Today, I’d like to share with you two simple tips to help you to avoid some common mistakes. First, make certain that the “neck” of the pilaster aligns with the architrave above.  When doing so, the capital—or top piece—of the pilaster will overhang. This allows the pilaster to visually support the architrave.  See Paneled Pilaster (Alterations and Additions project in Hunterdon County, NJ.) in photo at right.
Jul 03 2014
Architect NJ Hunterdon County Cabana, Hunterdon County NJ Architect pool cabana, Achitect Hunterdon County NJ outdoor shower cabanaPools and Cabanas extend our living spaces into the landscape. Careful integration of these areas into the yard is paramount to their success. For the architectural design of these elements, I consider views from the home to the landscape as well as the views from the pool area when siting the structures. As the NJ Architect firm for this client, we designed the pool cabana to include a kitchenette, sitting area, laundry and bath, complete with direct access to the bath and outdoor shower from the exterior.


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